Android MarketPlace in 5 Minutes

No Android Marketplace, but it's easy to get. Follow these directions to enable the Android Market: (If you are inside the LAUSDnet firewall, sign in with your single sign on in another tab, then return to this page to play the video.)

I think this will work without having to reset everything, if adding the ArcTools app right out of the box. I'm not sure about this, however. I will need to test. Adding the ArcTools app, which allows you to install the Google Marketplace, opens up a whole new world of apps that are available for the Android Tablet.

Android Missing Apps Market Fix (YouTube video): is a good news source. is a geat place to learn about all things android. for a comprehensive list of educational apps.

Note Taking Apps:
Sign up with an account with SimpleNote Then install Mnote and maybe JadeNote.
It seems that the Archos 101 doesn't have much trouble adding text to a wiki,although the auto correct text entry s a little annoying. I just typed this paragraph using the tablet.